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Welcome to the documentation site for DOCOgrade where you can find user documentation, guides, and tutorials.

The DOCOgrade Rhino plugin is a set of design tools for efficiently creating, measuring, and documenting landscape surfaces. The plugin and workflow has been designed by practicing landscape architects and is primarily intended to support Landscape Architects, Architects & Civil Engineers.


DOCOgrade is currently in Beta testing phase so content is being actively developed and documentation content may be incomplete. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. It's free and in active development so give it a try.

Key Features

  • Landscape surface mesh design & generation
  • Tools for measuring & drawing grades
  • Automated contour & label generation
  • Dynamic Surface grade annotations
  • Cut & Fill calculator
  • Grade analysis modes
  • Surface mesh output
  • Templated styles and layer attributes

WIP Features

  • Drainage analysis
  • Automated material assignment for generated surface mesh
  • Grading Sections

The Rhino 8 version in progress. Release date TBC.