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DOCOpack is a template driven title block layout management tool bringing a professional edge to Rhino drawing packages. Accelerate your production workflow and standardise contract documentation packages. DOCOpack is suitable for Architects, Landscape Architects and any industries using Rhino for contract documentation. Once installed you are only one click away from using DOCOpack in any Rhino file.

Here you can find technical information and user tutorials.


DOCOpack is currently in Beta testing phase so content is being actively developed and documentation content may be incomplete. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Drawing Revision Management
  • Dynamic Scalebars
  • Dynamic North Arrow
  • Dynamic Drawing Stamps
  • Dynamic Detail Labels
  • Dynamic Key Plan
  • Batch Metadata Editing
  • Export Pack or Individual PDF files (strict naming conventions apply)
  • Customisable Template(s)
  • Optional Generated Block Name Prefix

The Rhino 8 version in progress. Release date TBC.