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Software Requirements

DOCOpalette requires the following:


If you are using an older version of Rhino 7 please update it to the latest stable release version.


In some instances, you may need to run Photoshop with Administrator privileges once to enable automation between Rhino and Photoshop. If you do not have administrator privileges on your workstation, you will need to contact the network administrator assist.


Although Photoshop is required for full functionality, the pdf hatch layer exporting still functions without photoshop installed.


We are currently working on a Rhino 8 version of this plugin. Release date TBC.

Hardware Requirements

As both Photoshop & Rhino are both processor intensive applications so we recommend that you use a workstation that has enough memory & processing power to comfortably run these applications concurrently.

Storage Requirements

Photoshop files can become very large depending on the complexity of the drawing and the resolution. It is not uncommon for an A1 Photoshop file at 150 DPI to exceed 250MB. There will be an active Photoshop file for each layout in your project so while the output bitmaps that return to Rhino are relatively small, you will need enough available storage space to accommodate this.